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The Future needs Tradition

Since 1907 , when Klaus founded a workshop to manufacture and repair wheels, the company's work was characterized by smart technical solutions .
During the first 50 years , Klaus begins to produce various components for the automotive industry .

In 1964 enters to the market the first parking system produced by Klaus .

In 1973, Klaus became one of the leading manufacturers of parking systems worldwide.
Faced with various challenges, Klaus manages to maintain and bring to market new innovations , based on flexibility , new ideas and above all on maintaining the quality of its products without making any compromises .
In 1988 Klaus launches new space saving "Automatic Parking " which thrills the world market. In 1993 , Klaus brings to the market the "Full automatic " systems that store cars using a software controlled by a computer. This frees up additional lanes of traffic and flexibility . Klaus continues permanently , even today, to research and develop new technologies and add innovative features to the parking systems . In this way, we provide our customers with advanced and modern solutions .

Klaus installed in 60 countries over 650,000 parking systems .


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