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When you get your new home, pay attention to the parking space!

In crowded cities, choosing a parking space is almost as important as choosing an apartment. Because, just like the home, the parking system is a product that you should use for life.

In the rush for profit, some developers avoid giving future owners too many details about the parking lot. After paying substantial sums for apartments, many owners found themselves with unpleasant surprises. Either the parking spaces were not of the expected quality, or no maintenance was provided. To avoid possible pitfalls, the Cetățeanul newspaper shows you what to look out for when talking to the developer about parking spaces.

People need to know that, just as they check, when buying an apartment, if everything is in accordance, if the heating plant is working, the stage of the tiles and parquet, the parking systems should also be checked. That's because they are long-term products at fairly consistent prices, which you don't change every few years. Therefore, they must be reliable. "Anything when it's new seems perfect. But after a certain time you realize that it's not really like that and problems arise. The warranty offered on many of the automatic parking systems made in China is only 2 years, totally insufficient. When you pay a bag of money for an apartment, plus a parking space, you need to make sure that the parking systems have a long warranty and that they are insured, under any conditions, service and maintenance. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a few years having to pay thousands of euros again just for your part to fix the automatic parking. That's if someone can fix it or if there's someone to fix all the chinaware", specialists in the field declared for the Citizen. "When you pay for automatic parking systems, otherwise the most cost-effective, you must be sure that they are used for life," the specialists add.
In order to avoid damage, the stress of not being able to park your car in the place you paid a lot of money for, you need to check who the manufacturer is, look for references about the manufacturer and how long they have been producing parking systems. In addition, the developer must provide you with documents about which company does service and maintenance. "People have to call, ask for certificates, ask. The importer must also be checked, because if yesterday he sold parking systems, and tomorrow he sells something completely different, it can be an alarm signal. Otherwise, the developer is no longer interested once he has taken your money for both the apartment and the parking system", the specialists explain

Parking systems are expensive and must last as long as the residential building. To replace them costs between 3,500 and 10,000 euros for a single parking space. That's why customers can't afford to be careless, especially since many take out loans that they pay off for the rest of their lives to buy an apartment.

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