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MasterVario R3L 040 3567x2363 LR



Fully automatic Klaus parking systems

They have unique qualities and are not called "Smart Parking" for no reason. Once the car is parked, the rest of the steps are performed completely automatically, without the need for the presence of the driver. The car and the platform are moved to a free space in the parking system with the help of a robot. Also, the robot returns the requested car to the transfer cabin, so that the exit is done with the face, no longer the return maneuvers.

The fully automatic Klaus systems in our portfolio, in fact the only systems of this kind available on the Romanian market, are systems that use only pallets for storing cars, which helps to provide additional protection for the car when it is transferred and parked. We find on the Romanian market a series of other fully automatic models, built without protective pallets, but they are of poor quality and do not correspond to the European standard EN14010.

There are a number of advantages we find in this model of parking system, among which it is important to mention safe car shelter, protection against theft or destruction, the required area is halved compared to conventional parking spaces or short construction time. . Our portfolio includes five types of fully automatic parking systems, "Tower", "Shelf", "Layer", "Lift" and "Smart" systems. The latter have exceptional features, with a maximum of up to 6 parking levels on top of each other and between 1 and 4 parking spaces per level, each system can offer up to 23 parking spaces in an extremely small area. This model, Master Vario S, is the premium solution for the smallest spaces with a hidden transfer cabin. From standard cars to SUVs, this type of fully automatic “smart” parking system recognizes the height of the vehicle and finds the right parking space for it.

Most large cities in Europe have installed such parking systems in residential and commercial buildings but also hotels or car dealerships. The design is also extremely versatile and can be designed to integrate with the surroundings of the space in which it is installed.

For more than 20 years, our company has been present on the Romanian market with the only Klaus parking systems, revolutionary systems with innovative technology for saving space in both commercial and residential projects. More information can be accessed online on, office @ or at our address in Bulevardul Pipera, no. 17, floor 3, at 021 210 10 34.

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