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Compared to other systems, the MultiBase 2078i is distinguished by a smaller installation height.
The car door can be opened wide due to the offset steel pillar, which allows easy getting in and out of the car.
The MultiBase 2078i can store the heavyweights and is suited, depending on the type selected, up to heights of 215 cm.


  • Single platforms (EB) for 2 cars or double-platforms (DB) for 4 vehicles
  • Total height of standard type: 290 cm
  • Pit depth of standard type: 165/170 cm
  • Vehicle measurement: Heights from 150 to 215 cm, lengths from 500 to 520 cm
  • Usable platform width for standard type: 230/460 cm, 
    optionally up to max. 270/540 cm
  • Standard design: 2.000 kg per parking space, 
    optional max. 2.600 kg EB/DB or max. 3.000 kg EB
  • Horizontal access to upper parking levels, slightly inclined access to lower parking levels
  • Platform surface: StandardGrip, optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk
  • independent parking


Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, single garage, underground parking lot, ready-made garages, car parks, hotels, surrounding property


6472 819x675x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 165 2C6473 830x620x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 170 2C6474 885x645x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 180 2C6475 903x656x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 185 2C6476 905x643x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 195 2C6468 920x646x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 205 2C6469 904x623x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 215 2C6470 919x628x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 220 2C6471 920x617x72x72x80 EN KMP 2078i 230 2C

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