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The turntable systems from KLAUS Multiparking are optimal parking and exiting facilities which can also be integrated into existing garages or car parks at a later date. For reasons of space garages often do not offer the space for turning, so backing in and out of parking spaces is often necessary. Just turn on your own axis, and just exit the garage – the ParkDisc D450 allows turning the car even if there is no space for maneuvering. The ParkDisc D450 is available as surface or underfloor system. Upon request, both diameter and surface load of the turntable can be increased.


•    Vehicle width, standard type: max. 190 cm
•    Vehicle lengths, standard type: max. 500 cm
•    Vehicle heights for surface system: 10 cm lower than headroom
•    Standard design: 2,500 kg per parking space, optionally 3,000 kg EB
•    Platform surface: galvanized checker plate 




Residential and commercial buildings, single and semi-detached houses, office buildings, installation in front of single garage, underground parking lot, installation in front of ready-made garages, car parks, hotels, car dealing business, car rentals, outdoor installation, subsequent installation in existing building,


Lindau Drehscheibe 001Lindau Drehscheibe 002Lindau Drehscheibe 003Lindau Drehscheibe 005Parkdisc d450 2Parkdisc d450 5Parkdisc d450 garage innenParkdisc d450 drehung hintenParkdisc d450 drehung seitlichParkdisc d450 vorneParkdisc d450 ansicht aussen

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